Note: To kill Ice Strykewyrms you need to be a Donator or higher.

Introduction: Ice Strkyewyrms are one of the easiest boss monsters to kill on PkHonor, but it is possible to make a nice profit killing them. Many players seek the Staff of Light for it's magic bonuses and these monsters are the only ones to drop it in game.

Getting there: Click the Donators tele in your magic book. The Ice Strykewyrms are through the red portal in the corner.
external image 0007cropped.png

Gear: Your best melee gear is recommended, but anything similar to the following will work fine.

external image 0008cropped.png

Fighting the Wyrms: The Ice Strykewyrms are level 210 each, with 300 health. The area is multi-combat but the monsters are not aggressive so it easy enough to get a few friends and get some quick kills, but soloing works perfectly fine too. Fighting the wyrms is pretty simple; just pot up and attack. I'd recommend using Soul Split as I have found they are not too dangerous with a bit of food and this works best, so protect prayers are not really needed.

external image 0011cropped.png

Rewards: The bit we're all waiting for, the rewards. The Ice Strykewyrms do not have that many drops, but the ones they do have are worth sticking around for:

Bones 1 Always
Staff of light 1 Very rare
Coins 20000 Uncommon
Coins 40000 Uncommon
Dragonstone 1 Rare
Uncut onyx 1 Ultra rare

external image 150px-Ice_strykewyrm.png